Burke and Hare and Conaghan and Pickering

A group of 5th and 6th year pupils discovered a new graphic novel at Motherwell Library on Tuesday, when they encountered Burke and Hare, written by Martin Conaghan, drawn by Will Pickering.

Martin Conaghan first discussed comic book characters from the past and present, pointing out Lanarkshire success stories, and gave some good advice on keeping a share of the profits for any would-be authors and artists in the audience. He and Will Pickering then outlined the process of creating a graphic novel, from the highly detailed script, to the covers.

Will also explained the amount of research involved in this novel, which involved visits to locations, searching for contemporary portraits of the characters and examining old Ordnance Survey maps. Even the clocks drawn show the correct time!

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Pupils were particularly interested to see the finished article and pored over the original A3 artwork. Questions at the end ranged from financial enquiries and careers advice, to requests for information on other work, both in art (Will) and on BBC Sport (Martin).

Everyone then headed downstairs to the main library to check out the graphic novel collection before walking back to Our Lady’s.

Copies of Burke and Hare are now on sale in bookshops or through Motherwell Library, price £13. If anyone is interested in purchasing a signed copy, please see Mrs Macfadyen.

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