Scotland’s Greatest Contributions to Science

Report by Aaron M. and Kirpal S.

A few weeks ago, 1st year Science classes had the opportunity to learn about famous Scottish scientists. Our teachers took us to the LRC. Once we got there Mrs Macfadyen asked us to look at a picture of an old man but little did we know he was a scientist, and that man was great Scottish scientist, Alexander Fleming.

After that the teacher split us into two groups – one on the computer and the other one on the books.

Me and my partner split up and started to begin finding out about our scientist. We got this piece of paper so we could write down the facts about our scientist in a spider diagram. After we had completed this task we had to present these to the rest of the class.

My scientist was very interesting. His name was James Young Simpson, he was the Scottish scientist that discovered that chloroform was useful. He first used it on himself and also used it on Queen Victoria. Other groups had different scientists like John Logie Baird (made and patented the first television), Alexander Fleming (mentioned above – he discovered penicillin), Robert Watson Watt (created RADAR), and many more.

We got the 2nd highest score in the class, so in our own opinion we did quite well.

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