Drugs posters

Some more S1 PSHE classes have been designing posters about the effects of drugtaking.

Each group receives an informative (but pretty boring looking) card about a particular drug. Their task is to use the internet, books and magazines, and the Issues Online database to help them expand on the information from the card and turn it something that people would find more interesting and attractive.

We asked pupils to make a plan of action before starting on their research to help them work together as a team, deciding who would take on particular tasks. Useful information was written down in notes, not printed, and the sources of information had to be noted as well.

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Groups could choose whether to use printed images or their own drawings. (since most of the images are copyrighted, we can’t show the posters that used them). The pupils responsible for images learned about using copyrighted and copyright free images in school, and some useful tips on downloading.

All of the classes involved designed some colourful, energetic and eyecatching posters, although 1C deserve some particular congratulations for creating some fantastic work in a single period.

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