The perfect library

Coming into OLHS this morning, I was listening to a discussion about the future of public services with one person suggesting that local libraries could be run by volunteers in the future.

So I asked three groups of 2nd year English students to plan the perfect library for their community (i.e. the five people in the group).

Each group went along a completely different path to create their fantasy library. One group has created a separate room for each person, with open access for the whole group. Another has built a cake shop onto the side – although there was a strong case for wine gums at one point – and there are couches, beanbags and beds all over the place.

Each library has books (more in some than in others), but there’s a surprising lack of computers, although there are plenty of games consoles around. But there are also tennis courts, swimming pools and area for just chillin’.

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The groups put so much work into their libraries that they’ve asked to finish them in class, where the final stage will be developing the rules for the use of their community library.

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