Memorial to the Burned Books

Theresa Breslin spoke at the opening of Motherwell Library’s new T-Space tonight, and she mentioned visiting the Memorial to the Burned Books in August-Bebel-Platz, Berlin.

This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic license. Created by Daniel Neugebauer

The memorial, called Bibliotek,  lies below ground and consists of empty white shelves arranged in a square, with glass over the top allowing people to see in.

There is also a bronze plaque, which carries a quote from German poet, Heinrich Heine,

Where books are burned in the end people will burn.

The memorial was designed by German-Israeli sculptor, Micha Ullman, and sits where the Nazis started their campaign of book burning in 1933.

Ms Breslin also reminded her audience that 18th century reforms for working children, education and the poor came about after the public read about them in fiction by Charles Dickens and Charles Kingsley.

Never forget the power lying quietly inside a book.

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