Find your Viking name

By Jack

Do you know your Viking name? Try this website

My viking name is Jokull Thicklegs

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8 Responses to Find your Viking name

  1. Mrs Jeffrey says:

    My Viking name is Móeiðr Oakenhound.

  2. mr smith lrc manager st aidan's says:

    kali bloodsword – a berserker – at your service!

  3. Ms Cameron says:

    Hi Niðbjörg Oakengoat here!
    Thanks for my new name!

    Ms Cameron LRC Manager, St Maurice’s

  4. Ms Skea says:

    Raförta Foesmasher !

    Ms Skea, LRC Manager, Cardinal Newman

  5. Chris C says:

    Mines is Kóri Goatcrusher

  6. Mrs Macfadyen says:

    Meet Jódís Quickheart. Elina Swifthawk ain’t nuthin!

  7. Mrs Millar says:

    My Viking name is Elina Swifthawk- how appropriate!!!!!!

  8. Audun the Fearsome says:

    My viking name is Audun the Fearsome
    Fear Me

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