Fiery Tears of St Lawrence

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Also known as the Perseid meteor shower. If you look up into a clear dark sky over the next week, you may be lucky to catch some of the meteors coming from the constellation of Perseus (look roughly north).

Only thing is that you need to be away from a lot of lights, which is difficult in the middle of Motherwell or Wishaw.

St Lawrence’s Day is August 10th, which probably explains why his name was given to the meteor shower which happens this time each year.

The Romans are supposed to have executed on a gridiron – kind of like a barbeque. Gruesome. The story goes that he says, “I’m done on this side. You should turn me over.”

He’s now the patron saint of chefs, butchers and comedians. Lawrence was the keeper of the church treasures so he’s also a patron saint of librarians, along with St Jerome and St Catherine. Unfortunately, he’s also supposed to be the chap who lost the Holy Grail when he sent it home to his parents for safekeeping. A warning to librarians everywhere!

Click here for more about St Lawrence
Click here for more about the Perseid meteor shower.

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