Even more Scottish science

The last groups of 1st year pupils have been enjoying their research into scientific achievements connected with Scotland.

Pupils have been encouraged to use a variety of websites, books and encyclopaedias for their research. We’ve discussed the benefits and problems of different resources, including Wikipedia, and discovered that not all sources agree with each other!

Classes have told us about the greatest achievements of their subjects and that’s led to some interesting discussions.

  • One pupil was very impressed by the aqueducts and canals designed and built by Thomas Telford, particularly the Caledonian Canal, because it splits Scotland into two parts.
  • Others were investigating medical developments, including James Young Simpson, who introduced chloroform as an anaesthetic. Most of the class hadn’t realised there was a time when anaesthetics were not used and naturally wanted the gory details, leading to a lot of graphic descriptions of legs being sawn off. Yuck!

Click here for more details of this investigation.

Click here for more of the results.

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5 Responses to Even more Scottish science

  1. Sinead says:

    I agreee with you Cara it was fun Researching Famous Scottish Scientists although my class didnt make I poster I wish we had 🙂 🙂

  2. Aaron says:

    This topic was awesome because we got to learn about Famous Scottish Scientists!!!!!!

  3. Aaron says:

    This topic was awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Cara says:

    The topic was fun because we got to make a poster .

    • morgan says:

      I agree with you Cara, it was a good topic we got to research a famous scientist, Me and Sinead had no idea who the scientist we had to reasearch was ! We Eventially found out though ! but we didn’t make a poster wish we had.

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