1st year pupils have studying Japan as part of their Social Subjects course. In the LRC, we’ve given them the task of organising a trip to Japan. Shame it’s only imaginary 😦

Each group takes on the role of a travel company that organises  school trips overseas. They have to come up with the best, most attractive, fascinating itinerary to make teenagers desperate to visit the Land of the Rising Sun, including a contents page, visits for five days in Japan and a map showing their locations.

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Teams started by looking through collections of books from the LRC and wonderful boxes of artefacts and information from the Education Resource Service for inspiration. Since this provided lots of ideas, the teams had to negotiate down to activities for just five days and then allocate one team member to be responsible for the research and organisation of that day.

Each researcher had the opportunity to use the internet, non-fiction books, artefacts, reference section and travel guides to Japan to help them.

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12 Responses to Konichiwa

  1. Rachael says:

    I really enjoyed the japan topic. I found it really interesting when we got to see the fake sushi and all the costumes which they would wear on special occasions. I also enoyed the class work which we got to do,for example:We had to make a tourists information booklet and to find out about lots of inventions from japan. Even Hello Kitty came from Japan.!!!! But 1 of my favourite inventions was the Bullet Train.!! it is 1 of the fastest trains in the world.

  2. craig says:

    it was a good topic

  3. Nicola says:

    I really liked organising this, but I really badly wanted to go on the holiday, in stead of just planning it. It was good looking at the cultures and food I would have been eating if I had actually went!
    I actually think sushi looks nice! 🙂
    Does anybody else?

  4. liam says:

    It was a good topic to do because u get to do alot of activities and it is an amazing place to visit .

  5. Alexander says:

    very good topic but they have very crowded trains

  6. hollie says:

    i liked doing the topic on Japan , it was fun because we got to do quite alot of activites and i found out stuff i didnt know 😀 .

  7. roseanne says:

    this was a very good topic 🙂

  8. james says:

    A very funny topic. But their inventions are so bizzare

  9. morgan says:

    I really enjoyed this topic as we got to plan a holiday to Japan and make a booklet up. We got to learn about Japanese Culture which was really interesting and i also liked learning the history of sumo wrestling.

  10. courtney says:

    I have been doing the Japan project in social subjects i am enjoying it because you are learning about stuff from all over the world , and i like the group i am working with (:

  11. Sinead says:

    I Really enjoyed this topic when we were planning a holiday. It was really fun planning a holiday for someone and getting to see the inside of Japanese cultural. The only down side was we didnt get to go on the holiday we had planned.

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