Kids Lit Quiz – 8th November 2010

Report by Euan and Daniel

Today Mrs Macfadyen took four second years to Kilsyth Academy for the Kids Lit Quiz where a variety of schools from around Scotland came and answered questions on things in books from Greek mythology to donkeys. There were 10 rounds and each round had a different category to which there were 10 questions to be answered. There was a break where you could get juice and crisps and get an autograph from an author.

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At the break, Our Lady’s were in first position but dropped to sixth as the quiz went on. We finished a respectable ninth position and came the top school in North Lanarkshire.

Additional report by Michael


At the 2010 Kids Lit quiz I accidentally let go of my dear friend Balloonie who was a balloon, but now I am happy as I replaced him with another balloon called Steve!

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5 Responses to Kids Lit Quiz – 8th November 2010

  1. Aaron says:

    Very proud of the place we came in, The Best in North Lanarkshire

    Well done guys!!!!

  2. doodleguy97 says:

    From Michael
    I enjoyed it and I am so proud of us as we came 1st half-way through,yet i was sad to see Balloonie go and then Steve (the balloon I replaced him with) burst.
    But over all it was a Fabulous day!

  3. Mrs Macfadyen says:

    Can’t tell you how proud I am of you guys 🙂 You all did the school proud throughout the day: very cool and chilled at half time when you were leading (with everyone asking “Where’s Our Lady’s High School from?”); magnanimous and generous in defeat. We might not have won, but we came top in North Lanarkshire (and that’s a first!!)

    Highlights of the day:

    • a certain team member guessing the answer was Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious just from Wayne Mills saying “Which word has 34 letters and …” and winning the round;
    • another team member correctly guessing the answer was Pompeii because they’re actually researching the eruption of Vesuvius in Social Subjects;
    • watching the team’s faces when they guessed an answer right;
    • watching Balloonie soar o’er the hills of Kilsyth;
    • listening to everyone debating whether the host school be allowed to be a Health Promoting School because the Kids Lit Quiz was providing a certain Scottish orange coloured fizzy drink;
    • everyone singing the Perry the Platypus song on the way home!

    A brilliant day and the best ever OLHS result. Congratulations to all of you on some fabulous teamwork.

  4. Daniel says:

    Twas a gr8 day out and I really enjoyed competing against other schools. I would have loved to have done it again next year but I can’t! Ninth place is alright to finish but first is better.
    Big well done to Glasgow Academy A who won.

  5. Euan says:

    Great I really enjoyed the day. The quiz-master was very funny. Very proud of the position we came in.

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