Top Ten Tips for Time Travelling Teenagers Part I

This term, 1st year Social Subjects pupils will be studying life in medieval Scotland. Part of their work includes an investigation which identifies important differences between life nowadays and roughly a thousand years ago.

First thing we do is make a group shield. To a medieval person, a shield was more than just protection; it also told them about the person who owned it. Since most medieval people couldn’t read or write, symbols were incredibly important, and they knew the meanings of plants or animals or shapes; even colours had meanings.

Some pupils in Mrs Letham’s classes looked up the meaning of their names. Incredibly, almost half of them had names that came to Great Britain with the Norman Conquest of England. Other names appeared from Germany and Holland, or related to Irish warriors! Best name though belongs to  young Mr Butters, whose surname comes from a place in Yorkshire and goes back to Anglo-Saxon times, and possibly before!

If you fancy finding out what your name means, have a look at the websites below, or type “name meaning” followed by your first or second name into Google.

Think Baby names
Surname Database
Behind the Name

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