JFK investigation

Mr Ardrey and Mrs McManus’s 2nd year Social Subjects class have been investigating the assassination of President John F Kennedy in 1963. Rather than a written assignment, pupils worked in groups to recreate the moment when television audiences around the world heard about the death of the President.

Each group of three or four pupils included three separate roles: a journalist, an eyewitness, and an expert witness, with more than one person playing a role if necessary. The information for their role-plays came from a television documentary which examined the evidence for and against a conspiracy to kill JFK, some very carefully selected websites – this is a topic which inspires some weird ideas – and an occasional book of course.

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For their final presentation, some groups used background images on the Smartboard, to make it look as if they were outside or in a studio, while others came up with some clever props and costumes (not forgetting some outstanding accents).

Eyewitnesses ranged from a man who had just popped out on his teabreak, to others who said they had deliberately come to see the Kennedys. Expert witnesses included a Russian Ambassador, a weapons specialist and the wife of Lee Harvey Oswald.

There have been some fantastic examples of this activity in previous years, but 2N5 were extremely good overall, with some outstanding work. Even the 5th years at the back of the library stopped talking so they could listen!

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