More history mystery

Mrs Thompson’s class presented their research for Scotland: history or mystery? with powerpoints, posters and stories from all over the country.

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There were an interesting variety of presentations including the background of the Stone of Destiny, the cannibal Sawney Bean and his family, the Loch Ness Monster, Burke and Hare, Ghosts at Dalzell House, Brownies and Legends of the Borders.

Once the presentations were over, we got down to questions, comments and discussion about how they had done, what they had liked and what they would change next time. The Stone of Destiny provoked the most debate. Was the stone taken by Edward I the real thing? Is the current stone a fake? And above all else, does it matter?

They also praised two particular presentations:

  • The first was a debate on the Loch Ness Monster, in which one speaker believed in the beastie and the other didn’t. We found out later that neither of them knew what the other was going to say!
  • The other was a trip around a range of Border legends, including Thomas the Rhymer, the Linton Worm and Merlin’s Grave.

Mrs Thompson and Mrs Macfadyen were interested to notice that most pupils wished they’d made longer presentations. Hmm.

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