Savannah or Sahara?

1st year pupils are investigating an African country. Their task is to create a poster encouraging tourists to come and visit, but which also supplies all the information that a visitor will require – including whether it is safe to go there or not!

Pupils used these two games to remind themselves about the various countries in Africa.

Africa jigsaw

Countries of Africa quiz

Then each group selected three possible countries to investigate and staff chose their final destinations to avoid duplicates.

Pupils then started to find out about tourist attractions in their particular country.

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Useful websites

Africa Guide – Countries will provide a quick introduction to each country in Africa. Have a look at the other headings too. There’s lots of useful information about travelling in Africa.

BBC Country Profiles – masses of information, but remember you only need to know what a tourist would need to know.  Ignore the rest.

Lonely Planet – all kinds of practical information for travellers, plus lots of ideas for places to visit.

Travel advice by country – advice from the UK Foreign Office about travel abroad

Fit for travel – advice from the NHS about travel vaccinations – how much local currency will you get for British ££££?

BBC News Africa – what’s happening in your African country right now?

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