The comets

Report by Piotr

A comet is basically pieces of rock with ice and dust. Most of the time, comets are far away from our planets. Collisions and the pull of gravity from the outer planets sometimes draw one of them to the Sun. When it comes near the Sun, dust and gas are driven off the meteor and changed into the shape forming a comet. The sunlight then reflects off the dust, and the gas glows. When a meteoroid (a grain of space dust) ploughs into the Earths atmosphere form space, it is heated so much by rubbing with the air that it glows and turns to vapour. This forms a shooting star, or meteor.

The solid part of a comet is called its nucleus. The fuzzy ball that we see is a cloud of gas and dust, called the coma and that surrounds the comet’s nucleus. As a comet comes near the Sun, the tail of a comet becomes bigger.

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