Report by Jakub

Mars is the fourth planet from the sun. It has two moons (Deimos and Phobos) and it is about half size of Earth.

Mars looks red because the surface is covered with red dust. Million years ago there was water on Mars Now it is a dry planet. It is also very cold one.

Many scientists think that there was once life on Mars. In 1997, two probes looked at Mars for signs of life. Million years ago there may have been Martians.

Marsis named after the Roman God of war.

Roughly half of the Martians surface shows sign of past volcanic activities. The volcanic mountain Olympus Mons raises 23 km above the plain and it has bigger base than Spain. It is the highest peak in the Solar System.

Also Marshas the longest, deepest canyon in the Solar System. One of the most distinct features on the surface of Mars is the Valles Marineris canyon. It stretches 4,000 km along the equator of Mars, and can be as deep as 7 km in places. If you could move the Valles Marineris to Earth, it would stretch right across the United States.

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