When you misplace a book…

When you misplace a book in Mrs Macfadyen’s library, she doesn’t just give a sigh and puts it into the correct position… instead it causes havoc to the Library Team…

You see someone in the library…. not naming any names… doesn’t have PCS but had awkward urges to keep things in a neat order and gets annoyed if a book is bigger than the other and is not sat at the left hand side of the shelf…

So… there was this comic that caused some problems all last week…

Let’s name the person who gets annoyed A, and the one who tries to stop him, D.

Report by the Library Team

A found the book standing out from all of the other books, as it was taller than the rest, and so, could not stand it and moved it to the left hand side and everything was neat and tidy again. Until…

D found A’s tactic and was desperate to keep it the way Mrs Macfadyen apparently wanted.

All through the week, A and D kept sneaking away from eachother to put the book in their preferred place, until Mrs Macfadyen heard of the “Game” and this is what she said, and the ending of our little scenario…

Guys, that book shouldn’t be there anyway, it should be over on the Stand with all the other comics…”

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