Bob the Zombie

Bob the Zombie isn’t a real zombie
He is a killer and not so friendly
He meets new people just as a hobby
He’s eight foot tall and second name Pendley
He walks around with his noisy chainsaw
Some stay alive and some not so lucky
His lucky charm is a real rabbit’s paw
As well as humans, he also eats Roast Ducky
If you get to know him, he can be nice
However, if you say the slightest thing …
He will get annoyed,and won’t think twice.
He will open his mouth and  … sing!
Bob the Zombie is waiting at your door –
Be careful! Or your head is on the floor!

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One Response to Bob the Zombie

  1. rachael says:

    Really like this poem. I really like the end bit (when you say bob the zombie is waiting at your door and that your head might end up on the floor!!!!) 🙂

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