Sonnet challenge 2

A smirk, a scream, a final take of air.
A pair of wild, frenzied eyes, looking down,
Eyes that will haunt you, eyes that do not care.
He sneered and then left without even a sound.

For days she was left, forgotten, alone.
Her soul slowly slipping away from her.
Finally her friends decided to phone.
Their calls went unanswered, worry unfurled.

They found a mixture of pale white and red,
Lying helplessly on the middle of the floor.
Her father saw and simply kissed her head,
Not shedding a tear from his heart so sore.

A mother’s face, white with grief and sadness.
She clutched the hand of her husband tightly.
She couldn’t think. her thoughts were a mess.
Her baby was gone. Her baby was free.

“She’ll be missed,” they all said. And with a sigh,
She looked up and said, “Don’t tell it to me. Tell it to the sky.”

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