Sonnet challenge 3

A proud haughty toss of that pretty head
And a sly cocked eyebrow. They were nothing.
A kiss, a breath, a moment all said.
Yet surprisingly they were everything.

They were heat, sound and everything in between.
An entity half-formed of smoke and lies.
There for seconds, not wanting to be seen,
The string connecting two pairs of darkening eyes.

They were arrogance and fragility.
The ultimate oxymoron in life.
His hand in hers, she was all he could see.
They were peace, bliss and yet bitter strife.

Trembling fingers and coy little smiles.
But they could never be, that was the rule.
They said goodbye, one of life’s hardest trials,
And whatever they were, they were beautiful.

“It’s too hard. I can’t keep loving you.”
The truth was, they never even learned how to.

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