Sonnet challenge 4

Snow is pure, and brilliantly good and white.
It makes you want to break out in a smile.
It makes everything beautiful in sight.
Lie in the snow and think for a while.

It’s wet, but it’s fun and it makes you laugh.
It sits so delicately in your hand.
It will brighten up the day on your behalf.
but then it slips through your fingers like sand.

Suddenly it’s dripping,a nd no fun at all.
Black horrid footprints leaving a dark mark.
Something so beautiful has taken the fall.
It’s taken the goodness and left the snark.

You can’t look now. It almost hurts to see.
Someone has ruined your one thing of fun.
Why could they never just leave it be?
The dazzle has gone, and everything’s done.

Something so beautiful, something so destroyed.
Is it any wonder that it cried

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