David Almond

The Scottish Book Trust runs an event called Authors Live! which brings authors and pupils together over the internet. Our Lady’s High School was invited to bring 20 pupils along to be part of the audience for the David Almond programme which was filmed today at BBC Scotland in Glasgow. You can watch the whole programme here.

Since Miss McGhee’s 1st years are studying David Almond’s book, Skellig, they were an obvious choice to go. They were an excellent audience, interested in everything said, answering all the questions and showing off their rather brilliant spelling 🙂

Mr Almond spoke about how he starts to write (he doodles everywhere – page after page!), his ambitions (he still wants to play for Newcastle United) and his imagination when he was wee (mostly playing for Newcastle).

He described the time that the library he used to visit when he was wee invited him to come and talk to a group of young people. When he got there, he went back to the shelves that he’d stood in front of as a small boy, scanned along the titles until he found one of hos own books. Inside me, he said, a small boy went “Yeaaaaaaaaaah!” and punched the air.

He also talked about all of the rejection letters he received. He told the watchers not to worry about rejection, but,

there’s always got to be someone who believes in you, and that person is you

All of these events can be watched again on the Authors Live part of the Scottish Book Trust website, or on the BBC so don’t worry if you missed it. There are loads of other authors and illustrators you can watch here too, including Jacqueline Wilson, Michael Morpurgo, Eoin Colfer, Charlie Higson and Michael Rosen. Click here to watch David Almond’s event.

Pupils had the chance to buy books and get them signed afterwards and then everyone had their picture taken with the very lovely Mr Almond before we all headed back to OLHS in time for lunch.

(By the way, the BBC Scotland and Scottish Book Trust staff were extremely impressed with our purple blazers – not just smart, but cool too.)

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