Weekly Challenge: build a character

The challenge is to create a character but, to add a random element, you don’t get to decide everything about them. Instead, you’ve got to roll a dice to decide some of your character’s traits.

There’s a virtual dice here just in case you can’t find one.

Use the dice to decide:

  • age: dice roll, 1-6 x 10
  • bravery: dice roll, 1-6 (1 = scared of everything, 6 = scared of nothing)
  • happiness: dice roll, 1-6 (1 = extremely unhappy, 6 = joyful)
  • strength: dice roll, 1-6 (1 = wuss, 6 = extremely strong)

Decide for yourself:

  • name
  • gender
  • job

Finally, write your character’s back story.

Roll the dice and take your chances! 🙂

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