Terrors in the Night

The shadows dance and in the dark I see
A pathway painted in a dirty white
Watched by the pale eye of the moon I flee
Away from unknown terrors in the night

I know they’re there I know they are alive
I fear that they are close pursuing me
I know that it is in the dark they thrive
I fear I will not reach my sanctuary

I see his shadowy figure just behind
I see him on the edges of my sight
But when I turn around I always find
That all that is behind me is the night

I race on, my feet pounding on the ground
As frightful pictures fill my head and they
Grow wilder with each tiny passing sound
That would be seen as harmless in the day

I try to dismiss all my childish fears
As after all they must be far from right
But once again I lose all of my years
And wisdom – all is left out in the night

I know that there is scarce a minute more
A minute more, although that seems too long
A minute more, and then I’ll reach my door
A minute more,  if I have not guessed wrong

And sure enough, just when I reach my door
There’s no doubt in my mind and no more fright
I am at last alone, and scared no more
Away from all the terrors in the night

(Optional Verses)

I throw open the door and flick the switch
I settle down, and in relief I sigh
I almost see the shadows flicker and and twitch
I almost see what causes me to die

I what a fool I was! Just to believe
That nothing bad could happen in the light!
Mere bulbs! Mere stars! Mere fires! Could protect me!
That terrors, they lay only in the night.

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