Book sharing

Do you prefer to share a book with someone or to read alone by yourself?

Since most pupils will spend a fair bit of time working in the LRC, it’s likely you’ll end up doing a bit of both. We usually encourage QUIET READING in the LRC, so this week, we’ve been encouraging pupils to share a book. Each pair was asked to choose a single shelf, select one book from that shelf and read it together for ten minutes.

Pupils could share their chosen book in any way they liked: some read the stories together; some skimmed through non-fiction and pointed out interesting bits to each other; and some even read aloud to each other.

At the end, we discussed why they had chosen their books, what they thought of it and what they thought of reading together. Not surprisingly,everyone reacted differently: some really enjoyed it because they could share interesting bits with their friends and they felt it was a bit more relaxed. Others didn’t like it because they were reading at different speeds or they felt more under pressure than hen they were reading along. And of oucrse, some people just didn’t like the book they’d chosen!

Fortunately, there were very few arguments about who should take the book home and continue reading it 🙂

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One Response to Book sharing

  1. rachael says:

    i prefered reading by myself, as your partner may be reading a page to you and she may read it slow but u like to read fast. It was a good thing to try out though.

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