Weekly Challenge: blog your character

We’ve been discussing the characters that we created for the last couple of weeks, and given them a reason to be in Motherwell. Some folks have kept their characters as they first appeared and some folks have developed and changed them.

Your challenge for this week is to write up your character’s details on the blog, but …

you’ve got a maximum of
200 words

(I think I said 100 at the meeting, but certain people went pale at such a small word count, so I’ve doubled it, just to be nice :-))

Remember to include the details of your dice rolls at the top of your blog. Good luck 🙂

To add to the blog:

  • Move down to the bottom of the screen and click on login.
  • Type in your username and password (you’ll be taken to the Dashboard)
  • Click on Posts, then Add New (on the left)
  • Type in your title and the story of your character
  • When you’re finished, click on Submit (on the right)

The blog will appear once it’s been reviewed.

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