Character Building: Bob The Zombie

Last week, the creative writing club was given the task of creating a character and a background for them 

Brief Description/Back-story:

Bob is a Zombie. Simple as that. Ish. He’s actually a Leprachaun Zombie. He is currently 10 years old (In Zombie Years of Course) which basically means he’s been dead for 10 years. He doesn’t really have a job as such. He just really goes around with his chainsaw, terrifying the life out of folk, making friends with some humans or as he likes to call them “PeepBobsBeens” as well as killing some of them. 

He comes from Peoples’ imagination, so anyone (ish) can see him/her, if you Truely believe in him. So, when trying to decide on his strongness, braveness or happines, you are faced with a challenge. You must decide on the levels of these qualities, depending on the Situation, but, if you aren’t sure, just roll a dice to help you. 

So that’s Bob Really. He’s a rather nice Zombie, but lets just say, you wouldn’t like to meet him in a dark alley simply because he is afraid of the dark, and may take one of his tragic-ending Zombeeisozoy attacks. Also, please refrain from smoking or drinking, or even eating around him, otherwise he may blow up. 


Full Name: Bob T. Zombio Leprachaunian Bamboo Macmillison Jimmy Johnny Janet Airbag Zombie. 

Gender: No one knows really. Possibly Male or Zarginionian. 

Age: 10 Years of Death (Zombie Years) 

Braveness ( roll a dice ) : Bob ate the dice 

Strongness ( roll a dice) : Bob set the dice on fire

Happiness (roll a dice ) : Bob said smiling is sinful 

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2 Responses to Character Building: Bob The Zombie

  1. Rachael M says:

    surprisingly, i would really like to met Bob the Zombie. He sounds cool!!!!:)

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