Character building: Lily of the Valley

Name: Lily of the Valley
Age: 40
Gender: Female
Bravery: 5
Strength: 6
Job: Trains horses

Ten Facts
1. There is no living creature that is not at least slightly terrified of her.
2. Absurdly strong, can carry two horses, one over each shoulder at once.
3. A very large woman, extremely tall and very bulky. Shaped roughly like a bear.
4. Extremely maternal, she babies her son. Sometimes other people’s children, adults and even a few hellhounds can even find themselves ‘adopted’ by her.
5. An excellent cook, she often comes to peoples’ doors with her world famous pies. They are always accepted (because everyone is terrified of her) but never eaten (because everyone seems convinced that they have body parts in them.)
6. Grew up on a farm.
7. Has no imagination. Sees things exactly as they are, and fears nothing.
8. Has a very no-nonsense, unfussy attitude.
9. Not very bright, and not very wordy. Prefers to just grunt things at people.
10. Her father was a rather gruff man with a large moustache. Her mother was a constantly nervous woman with an odd affinity for cats.

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One Response to Character building: Lily of the Valley

  1. Mrs Macfadyen says:

    Well done on keeping it short, Hayley! It was a brilliant idea to help you keep your word limit down 🙂

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