Character building: Zena Hopkinson

ID card;

Name: Zena Louise Marie Hopkinson

Age: 10

Gender: Female

Bravery: scared of some things( robots is one)

Happiness: quite happy( but can be moody)

Strength: quite strong

Job: School girl ( even though she hates it)


Zena is a school girl. She has short brown hair with dark red highlights and blue eyes. Her hobbies are cycling,drawing and eating weird and wonderful foods. Zena lives with her mum, as her dad left them when she was very young but has her dad’s artistic talent. Zena hates school, mainly because everything about safety and is never dangerous or exciting (which she enjoy very much) She absolutely hates robots, thanks to her 5th birthday party when her mum ordered a robot for a surprise,but instead Zena screamed her head off and started to run away (which she thought was the most relevant thing to do!) She loves to eat weird things. One thing is peanut butter and tuna pasta sandwiches, which the girls at school tease her about, and also likes chocolate with lettuce baguettes. Even though she eats very weird things (believe me, there’s more), Zena is a nice (but occasionally moody) girl.

Note; if you ever see Zena, do not mention robots. If so….. well… let’s see if you can guess that one out for yourselves……

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2 Responses to Character building: Zena Hopkinson

  1. rachael says:

    the idea of lettuce and chocolate was the first idea that came into my head:)

  2. Mrs Macfadyen says:

    Definitely going to try chocolate and lettuce baguettes 🙂

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