Meet the characters

Before the October Week, everyone was asked to create a character (and just a character, not a novel) and then to figure out what would happen if they met one of the other characters.

However, holidays being holidays, everyone appeared with that haunted What-was-the-homework-again-cos-I-haven’t-done- it look (as recognised and loved by all staff) so we decided to do an improvisation at lunchtime instead.

The results were mixed (but very funny), but we did establish that Hellfire the Hellhound is meant to be a large hound and not a yappy toy poodle (although I know what I think is scarier!) and that Lily of the Valley would probably love him to bits and try to put out all the flames.

Then we created a new way to ensure the return of library books, where the book engulfed the borrower after a certain number of days overdue, and wouldn’t release them until returned to the library. A variety of hypotheses were suggested for how the books were then able to get back to the library (growing legs, flying etc) but I reckoned it was a great way to discourage long-term overdues 🙂

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