The Catalyst Book Awards (from the view of a photographer)

Report by Aaron

Basically, these awards are for authors who have been chosen by teens, whose books stand out, or are popular. 

So I was given the task of being a photographer for the day (anything to get out of class!)

It started off with taking boxes to the bins, and getting a teacher to take the heavy boxes down in the lift, because I was terrified to do it myself.

Then I went to the Library to see the room crowded with big important people, famous and brilliant authors, too many librarians, and lots of pupils from my school and others. Soon, we headed down to the theatre, where the event was taking place, ready for the day to begin!

The four Authors who were there, were:

Keren David: Author of When I was Joe and many other great books!

Alex Scarrow: Author of the Time-Riders series and again, many more great novels!

Cathy MacPhail: Author of Grass and many, many more!

Gillian Cross: Author of Where I Belong and many more entertaining books !

Each Author had two pupils from different schools to accompany them. One of them would tell everyone about that author’s life, and the other would read out an extract from their nominated book.  After an hour or so of entertaining presentations, breaks, book sellings, and photographing, the winner was ready to be announced! And the winner was…


He really did deserve it (although all the authors were just amazing!) and he has to be one of the funniest, entertaining, and nicest men I have ever met! And he even calls me his “Guide” now! (Please do not ask!)

Afterwards, there was a Lunch for all of the Authors, and people who took part! (That was me!) This is where the teabag stealing comes in. You see, after all of my hard (hardly) work, all I could think of was tea.

After saying final goodbyes to the authors and others, I got to get some free souvenirs, and then HAD to go to my last class.

Overall, the day was brilliant and it went so smoothly, thanks to everyone who took part! I really want to go to next year’s and if they say I can’t go, then I will be forced to smuggle myself in.

Aaron 🙂

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One Response to The Catalyst Book Awards (from the view of a photographer)

  1. Mrs Macfadyen says:

    “Too many librarians”?

    No such thing!


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