The Catalyst Awards 2011

The 8th North Lanarkshire Catalyst Awards were held in OLHS this year, and what a fantastic event it was.

Almost 250 invited guests, pupils and staff from across North Lanarkshire cheered Alex Scarrow to the trophy, and commiserated with Gillian Cross, Keren David and Cathy MacPhail, the other shortlisted authors who had travelled to Motherwell especially for the event. Click here for a full report of the event.

Alex Scarrow celebrates winning Catalyst 2011 with fellow shortlisted authors, Cathy MacPhail, Keren David and Gillian Cross.

The Awards were the result of a huge effort, not just from the Catalyst Committee, but by staff and pupils from across Our Lady’s High School.

So, a huge thank you goes to:

  • Mrs Sinclair for allowing us to host the awards, and opening the ceremony (with some extremely lovely remarks about the authors and librarians involved :-))
  • The Duke of Edinburgh Award Group for their hard work in planning and organising the awards, especially for assisting guests at the awards itself, recording interviews, organising the tuck shop, taking pictures and helping out with the book stall.
  • Home School Partnership staff, Mrs King and Mrs McDonald for EVERYTHING
  • The Performing Arts and Lifestyle Development Faculties for the use of the theatre, storerooms and gyms
  • Mrs Stemplis and the Intermediate Hospitality class for the outstanding catering for our guests
  • Mrs Zambonini and Mrs Mulholland for being there at the right moment
  • The Photography Club for additional photography
  • The Creative Writing Club for unbelievable enthusiasm
  • The Admin staff for staying calm in the face of last minute requests, the Technicians for setting up ICT, lighting and audio, and the Janitors for setting up the hall.

The Catalyst Awards shortlist and winner are selected by the pupils and young people of North Lanarkshire through school and public libraries. The Catalyst Committee are all LRC Managers / School Librarians and Public Librarians from North Lanarkshire (including Mrs Macfadyen from OLHS).

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