All shapes and sizes

Public Domain image. See bottom of article for details.

Any idea what these things on the right are? I’ll tell you later.

It was Mrs Mitchell’s turn to bring her class along to investigate the hidden information of the caption. A surprising number of pupils chose images of human figures of all shapes and sizes and types including some Zulu boys at work (Tony), the Glenfinnan Monument (Kieran), the Minotaur (Dillon), the head of an Egyptian mummy (Calum), a bodybuilder (Caitlin), a protest march (ToniMarie) and even Mother Theresa (Adam).

Another set of images focused on the paranormal, with phantom dogs (Erin) and UFOs (Ross, Nicholas) coming up for discussion, but the best picture was Ola’s, because nobody could guess what it was.

In fact, the image above is the inside of a cocoa bean pod, the source for chocolate. Bet you didn’t get it either. If you did, there’s at least 30 people very impressed with you.

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