Abomination by Robert Swindells

The novel Abomination by Robert Swindells is a novel which shows how important it is to  have a good friend. The novel also shows us how different some people’s lives can be because of religion or their race.

The novel tells the story of a girl called Martha and a boy called Scott who become friends. They both go to the same school but both are treated badly. Martha is sad because of her parents but that is not the worst thing in her life she has a big secret which her parents make her hide. When Scott finds out about it he is shocked but decides that they will make a plan to sort it out. The ending of the novel is very good and everything works out.

The main characters in this novel are called Martha and Scott. Both of them take turns to tell a chapter in the book. There are other characters in the novel too. Mum dad and Scott’s mum and dad. We find a lot out about Martha and Scott. Mary is Martha’s sister. Scott is the kind of person who sticks up for other people.

Together Martha and Scott  keep the secret of Abomination who turns out to be a boy called Jim.

The most exciting part of the book I thought was when Martha and Scott were meeting secretly in the supermarket because I thought that they would get found out. Another part of the book because I thought that they would never see or meet one another again but Martha was going to try and contact Scott.

After Scott finds out the secret he wants to solve the problem like where is Martha’s sister Mary and where is Mary moving house to .

At the end we feel sorry for Scott because Martha moves a way. But the author gives us one last surprise when Mary is going to teach Martha how to go on to the computer to try and contact Scott. Over all, I thought that this book was good because the story was good. It was exciting like a television programme.

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