Review: Abomination by Robert Swindells

Illustration of "The Trusting Child", a poem by Lydia Sigourney

Report by Courtney

The novel “Abomination” by Robert Swindells is a novel which shows why it is important to have a friend. The novel also shows us how hard some people have to live and how religion can cause problems.

         The main characters in this novel are called Scott and Martha. Both of them take turns to tell a chapter. There are other characters in this novel too: Mary (Martha’s sister) and Martha’s mother and father.

      We find out a lot about Martha and Scott, Martha is bullied by a lot of people for her clothes. Scott is the only person who didn’t bully Martha, Scott sticks up for Martha when people call her names and to make it better he also plays with her.

     They gradually become good friends. The author shows us this from both points of view. When Martha says that her dad beats her Scott took this in and told his mother.  Together they to decide to deal with Martha’s biggest secret which is abomination.

      The author uses a lot of suspense in the story.  The most important thing he does is to keep his readers interested, it is not to let us know what or who is abomination is.

      The most exciting part of the book is when Martha and Scott were walking down by the river. I like this part because it is funny and sweet. It shows us just how much they like each other.

       After Scott finds out about abomination he still has puzzles to solve like how are they meant to get abomination for Mary.

       At the end we feel sorry for Scott because Martha doesn’t want to be seen with Scott in case anyone see them and tells her mother. Just as Martha was about to move house she gives up hope for Mary to walk through  the door, but just as she was walking down to get abomination Mary stomps through the door and gets Abomination – or should we now say, Jim- then takes Mary with her.

       Overall I though this book was full of emotions and the detail was amazing. 

                      By Courtney

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