Abomination by Robert Swindells

Report by Craig

The novel “Abomination” by Robert Swindells is a novel which shows how important it is to have a good friend. The novel also shows us how some people lives can be hard because of her parents or religion.

 The novel tells the story of a girl called Martha and a boy called Scott who becomes friend’s .They both go to the same school but both are treated as rubbish. Martha is sad \bullied because of her clothes but that is not the worst thing in her life because she has a big secret which her parents make her keep but when Scott finds out about it he is shocked but decides that they will rescue the baby and Martha. The ending of the novel is very exciting and everything works out well.

 The main characters in this novel are called Martha and Scott .Both of them takes turns to read a charter of the book.There are other characters in the novel too: there is the mother and father, Mary Annette, Jim, Simon.We find a lot about Martha and Scott .Mary is Martha’s sister who was sent away when she was 16 years old, because she had a child. Scott is the kind of person who is kind the only one who likes Martha.They gradually become good friends and the author shows us this from both points of view when Martha says “I really like you Scott”.Scott also shows this when he says “I like you Martha”. Together they decide to deal with Martha big secret which is Abomination who lives in a cage and his name is Jim.The author uses a lot of suspense in the story .The most important thing he does to keep his readers interested is not to let us know what is happening in the book, especially about Abomination.The worst exiting part of the book I thought was when Mary turns up at the doorstep and takes Martha and Jim, because Martha is finally a life.Another part of the book I liked was when Martha sais Annette is going to help her surf the net and sais guess who I am going to write to first, because she misses.After Scott finds out the secret, the story still has puzzles to solve like trying to find and helping Jim (Abomination).At the end we feel sorry for Scott because Mary comes back and takes Martha and Jim away ,but the author gives us one last surprise when is going to Martha surf the net and said  guess  who I am going to write to first ,because `she is talking writing to Scott.        

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