Abomination by Robert Swindells

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Report by Richard
The novel by Robert Swindell is a novel which shows how to be a good friend. The novel tells the story of a girl called Martha and a boy called Scott. They go to the same school. Martha is bullied by her enemies because of her clothes and family. She has a big secret.

 The main characters in the novel are Martha and Scott. Both of them take turns to read a chapter in the novel. There are other characters too like Scott’s mum and dad Mr. Killroy. We find a lot about Martha and Scott. Mary had a child and got send away, Scott is the kind who would stick up for people getting bullied. They gradually become good friends and the author shows us two different parts of the story. Martha’s part of the story is bad for her and Scott’s part of the story is good for him. Then both parts came to together in the middle of the story and we find out the big secret and then Mary goes back home to collect her child. Martha moves away and Scott has feelings for her and they will write all the time.

 Overall the storyline was good and the characters were good in it. It is a good book!

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