Blogging Divided City

2nd year English classes are writing blogs based on their literature studies.

Ms McGhee’s class have been studying the novel Divided City by Theresa Breslin, which is set in Glasgow. Pupils had already researched different topics raised by the book, and are now working in pairs and trios to research these topics further, using the LRC’s resources.

Success criteria for blog articles:

Image by K851jg2. Licenced through GNU Free Documentation Licence

  • includes at least one copyright free image
    – add the URL to the place in your blog you want it to appear
    Wikimedia Commons has lots of great material you can look at
  • includes at least one hyperlink to another website
  • includes relevant information
  • avoids any plagiarism
  • avoids any bias
  • laid out so it can be clearly read online
  • be roughly 250-300 words
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