Wednesday Lunchtime 16th November meeting report

There was no meeting last week (because certain lucky people got to go gallivanting to the Kids Lit Quiz in Kilsyth) so this week was a bit of a catch up.

Hayley and Debbie reported on their visit to the Scottish Book Trust’s Young Writers Conference and talked about the workshops they’d attended. Each author had suggested different activities to exercise the writing muscles, and they sparked off some ideas and anecdotes.

That led us into one of those conversations covering black carrots, Anthony McGowan and the dangers of crossbows, and whether you should kill spiders or not (DEFINITELY NOT 😦 !)

And of course, everyone reported back on their progress with the apple challenge. One or two people mentioned that ‘nothing happened” in their story, which led to a discussion about whether action was necessary in a story: Mrs Macfadyen recommended Iain Crichton Smith’s short story, The Telegram.

Everyone had given some thought to the challenge, and shared some fantastic ideas just waiting for further development. We also heard a couple of very funny completed stories, which will appear here very shortly.

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