Alabama by Kyle and Joe

We have been studying the American novel Holes, written by Louis Sachar. We have been trying to find out where it might have been set.

We thought it may have been set in Alabama. It is located in the south east of America. The capital city of Alabama is Montgomery (more about Montgomery here). Which possibly could be Stanley’s hometown.

It became a state on the 14th December 1819. It is also the 22nd state to join the constitution.

Unfortunately it would not have a deserty background for Camp Green Lake.

You can find out more information about Alabama here.

Montgomery would be a great setting for Stanley’s hometown because it is a typical American city, with loads of schools, high rised buildings and malls.

You would also find a large selection of wild animals as you would in Holes.

The Cheaha mountain could be the mountain in the book where Zero and Stanley find refuge on God’s Thumb much like Stanley’s great grandfather.

The mountain is over two thousand four hundred feet high.

The state of Alabama was christened with the nickname the Yellow Hammer state.

Alabama’s motto is Audemus jura nostra defendere but when translated to English it means We Defend Our Rights.

The population of Alabama is 4,447,100. Also Alabama has a wide range of summer camps in the borders which again makes it an ideal location for Holes.

The largest city in Alabama is Birmingham which yet again is a great candidate for Stanley’s hometown. Birmingham is also a city in England.

Unfortunately Alabama wouldn’t be a candidate for Holes!!!

Animated flag of Alabama by Dave Johnston [Public domain]

Animated flag of Alabama by Dave Johnston [Public domain]

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