Is Holes set in Georgia?

Report by Gemma and Collette

We read the novel Holes and we are trying to find  out where it is set and the state which we have picked is Georgia.

We both don’t think that ‘Holes’ was set in Georgia as there are no deserts there. Also that it does rain in Georgia regularly but its still a warm climate.

The Northern part of the state is in the Blue Ridge Mountains which is a mountain range. We think this mountain could possible be The Big Thumb which Stanley’s great great grandfather once climbed.

Some  other reasons we think it could not  have taken place in Georgia is because the ‘Yellow Spotted Lizard’ which does exist in Central America, could not live in it’s natural habitat in Georgia because it is to far east.

Yellow spotted night lizard by Postdlf at en.wikipedia (Public domain)

‘Holes’ could have taken place in Georgia because it  has a very warm climate but this may be all because Georgia does not fit into the description of the book.

In Georgia there are always massive rain falls, hurricanes and tropical storms but also they can get very nice weather reaching highs of 112 degrees farnheight. This would be a problem because it only ever rained at the start and the end of the story book. Also in the book the weather never really changed and there were never any natural disasters.

Georgia is definitely not a very good candidate for the story ‘Holes’ because it does not fit any of the details from the book.


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