Did Holes happen in Kentucky?

Report by Lisa M + Emma S + Stephen

We have been researching Kentucky to see if the book Holes could have happened there.

Location of Kentucky. (Public domain)

We think no because the climate is mild and rainy unlike the boiling hot weather in Holes. Their average July tempeture is 25 degrees. Their average January tempeture is 1 degree. The rain fall average per year is 47 inchs.

Another reason is that in Kentucky there are lots of grass and plants but in Holes there are lots of dried up grasslands. But there is also some dried up outbacks of Kentucky but mostly green.

Kentucky is in the mainland so it might be somewhere near to where Holes took place. It’s located above Tennesse and it is also near Texas.  Holes gives us 2  clues that it could be set in Kentucky.

 1. That there are many montains in Kentucky that could be Gods thumb.

File:Black Mountain Off-Road Adventure Area Kentucky.jpg

 2. There used to be a lake named Green Lake in Holes and there are lakes in Kentucky that might have inspired the author to write about Green Lake.

Wildlife in Kentucky is all horses and farm animals but there are not many animals in Holes , apart from snakes and lizards.

We have no idea about the population in Holes so the population is not relevant but we do know that there are a lot of hills and rocky hillsides in the North of Kentucky and in Holes it mentions no hills at all rocky or otherwise. 

But before we end we have a link with some useful information for you, click here.

We can not find any other information on Kentucky that would suggest Holes could have happend in Kentucky but over all we have decided it did not take place in Kentucky. Holes could not happen here so we guess  this is THE END!!

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