Could Holes be set in Oklahoma?

Report by Cerys and Rachael

 The state we chose was Oklahoma. We decided to pick this state because we didn’t know a lot about it and we wanted to find out some more information and some of the history of the state.

Flag by Dave Johnston (public domain)

Some facts and information about Oklahoma-

  • The capital of Oklahoma is Oklahoma City.
  • The national flower is Mistletoe.
  • The bordering states are – Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico & Texas.
  • The name Oklahoma comes from the word Okla’ meaning people and ‘humma’ meaning red so it basically means ‘red people!!’
  • Oklahoma City has a population of approximately 463,201
  • Their major industries include farming (wheat, cattle), oil and natural gas.

We think Oklahoma is not a suitable landscape for ‘Holes’ to be filmed in. The deserts are more sandy rather than rocky and have some life such as plants and bushes, which weren’t described in the book.

It also describes in the book that the journey to the camp was very isolated, but the population of Oklahoma isn’t a very small amount, it looks warm in the state but not boiling enough for the book to be based there.

Although there a some mountainous areas in the Oklahoma deserts, it didn’t look the same as the way the author had worded it in the very descriptive book. Even though we don’t agree the book ‘Holes’ was filmed there we would still like to study the state and find out more about it, perhaps even visiting it in the future (when we are a bit older!)

We found some of our information on this site-

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