Is Holes set in New York State?

State Flag (Public Domain)

hey, it’s Shannon, Keryn and Demi :), today we are going to tell you if we think “holes” is set in New York State and why. In English, we have been studying the novel “Holes”, it’s a very interesting book, but doesn’t reveal where it was set. In ‘Holes’ it says that it’s a very deserted place and New York is a very rich and famous place. In New York there’s a lot of water and big buildings, but in ‘Holes’ there isn’t a lot of things at all.

Badge by SGT141 (Public domain)

New York is bordered with New Jersey and Pennsylvania. New York State shows no signs of “Holes” being filmed there as it isn’t very desert like and is also very dry. Holes is very deserted and doesn’t seem very interesting. But on the other hand New York State seems very interesting.  It is a lovely place.

In New York State there is many shops, where as in “Holes” there is none,  “Holes” is a very empty place.

If we were in New York State we would like to go and visit a lot of places, we would also be very cautious to look out for where the “Holes” movie and book is set.

come and look at information for yourself at New York’s website

Thanks for reading our blog, hope you enjoyed it, from Keryn & Demi & Shannon. 🙂

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