Could Holes be set in Alaska?

Report by Caitlin and Lisa

We are studying Alaska to see if there’s a possibility that the book “Holes” could’ve been set there. In order to find this out, we researched Alaska and this is what we found :- Alaska is twice the size of Texas.

It counts for 1/5 of all the US.   It’s population is 710,231!  The capital of Alaska is Juneau.  It became a state on January the 3rd 1959.  It was the 49th state to be founded.

Photo by Ansgar Walk. Licensed via CC-BY-SA-3.0

It is home to a large range of wildlife. Its symbols are a bird, a flower, a moose and an insect.  During the summer months Alaska has more than 2000 humpback whales.  The most famous animal in Alaska is all 3 species of their North American bears.  There is the Grizzly Bear, The Black Bear, and the Polar Bear. Moose live almost everywhere in Alaska,a part from one island and the far north.

The name Alaska comes from an Aleut word “Alyeska” which means “great land”.  Alaska’s nick name is “The Last Frontier”.

Alaska’s weather is very cold , though in the summer it heats up nicely. In the summer temperatures can be as high as 70 degrees!

Caitlin and Lisa would someday want to visit Alaska.  After researching Alaska we found it would be quite interesting to visit.

We don’t think that Holes could’ve been set in Alaska because after researching it, we found out that it would be far too cold and the wildlife is completely different to that of Holes.

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