Does Holes take place in California?

Report by Courtney and Emma

In class, we have been reading Louis Sachar’s book Holes. We have chosen a partner and each been givin a state, to see if this book could have taken place there. Our state is California.

Location of California. Public domain map by the General Libraries

California is a state located in the west of the USA. It is by far the most populous U.S. State. California is full of beautiful views and gorgeous beaches. The states coasts, rivers and other bodies 0f water are looked after by the California Coastal Commision. The capital city of California is Sacramento.

Alot of the state has a Mediterranean climate, with cool, rainy winters and dry summers. The culture of California is a Western culture and most clearly has its modern roots in the culture of the United States, but also, history wise. As a border and coastal state, Californian culture has been greatly influenced by several large populations, especially those from Latin America.

California is one of the richest and most diverse parts of the world, and includes some of the most endangered ecological communities.

We do not think Louis Sachars book, Holes, could have taken place in California. In Holes, it is covered in desert land, where as California has beaches, country side and busy cities. We also think Holes could have taken place in a state such as Texas, because Texas has this kind of terrain.

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