Is Holes set in Florida?

Map showing location of Florida by General Libraries (Public Domain)

This term in english our class have been studying the novel holes by Louis Sacher which we have enjoyed very much. It is based in a dry American desert but dosen’t tell you which state it is in, we have decided to under go and investigation to try and figure it out!
Florida may not be home to desserts but plays hoast to millions of tourists from all over the world each year.In Orlando there is a famouse theme parck called Disney World , 14-17million people visit each year. It two most famouse charachters are Micky&Minnie Mouse who talk to all the visitors  every day but they are actually people dressed up in costumes. There are lots of beatches in places like Miami wich are worth visiting if you decide to take a holiday there.
In the novel ”yellow spotted lizards” are mentioned  , we decided to look them up. Allough we found out they do actaully exist , they are most commonly found in centeral America. As Florida is in the north this is  another factor that leads us to belive that holes isa indeed set somewhere else.
In Holes the heat is supposedly unbareable Florida is not home to such extream contitions there for we have had to assume it is set in a place in America with a hotter climate than Florida. Also it does not rain and rain is quite a regular thing in Florida.
A film of holes was made and was actually made on a film set in  Los Angeles, we found this fact interesting.
 Florida does not have any deserts 
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