Asylum Seekers. James & Liam

We have been reading a book called ‘Divided City’. It is based on prejudice and asylum seekers. Asylum seekers are people who run from their own country to another. They run for political reasons and because of human rights that aren’t being respected.

Public image by the US Marine Corps

These are the top 5 countries where asylum seekers escape from when they come to Britain.

  • Afghanistan (2,500 refugees)
  • Iran(2,210 refugees)
  • China(2,100 refugees)
  • Iraq(1,825 refugees)
  • Eritrea(1,810 refugees)

In some countries people can be tortured, arrested or even sent to prison, just for their religious beliefs. If a country changes for the better, then there are less asylum seekers.

People can be prejudice and racist to asylum seekers saying they’re ‘aliens’ and ‘over stayers’.

Some people think that refugees and asylum seekers drain the government of their money but they actually make a huge contribution to national wealth. They helped by contributing 2.5 billion to income tax in 1999-2000 in Britain.

This means that asylum seekers and refugees bring in £800 million yearly.

 It’s not only adults that leave their country, children do it as well. They leave their family to go to another country because they are not allowed a normal life in their own. Last year, four thousand children from Afghanistan asked permision to start a new life in Europe. One year on, and that number has increaed to six thousand. Experts are concerned that the real amount of people leaving their country is a lot higher as kids could be worried they’ll be sent back if they try to enter a country officially. To sneak into countries, children often hide on boats and lorries, which is dangerous and illegal. For more information on this click here 

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