Challenge results

These are the ideas suggested by the Creators for future challenges:

  • use two of the characters already created and write about their meeting (Rachael)
  • assign each person a job (character, event, location) and then pull all of the pieces together (Aaron)
  • create a civilisation (Hayley)
  • use a photograph as inspiration (Scott)
  • use song lyrics as inspiration (Mrs Millar)
  • ‘Letters that I’ll never send’ (Gemma)
  • pick a random word and write a story around it (Gemma)
  • write about a famous event from a different point of view (Debbie)
  • write a spin-off from an existing novel or series (Rhys)
  • use a painting as an inspiration (Mrs Macfadyen via Mr Jakusz)
We won’t be meeting next week, so we agreed to go with Hayley’s idea of a civilisation next.
Feel free to go mad folks! Maps, history, drawings are all fantastic, and maybe even a wee bit of writing! 😀


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