The Apple Story

Hello! I’m an apple! Now, you may be wondering,” Why on earth is an apple talking to me “Well, the reason is because I am really sad about losing my beloved family, though; I suppose they will be happy for me that I have a good job, being eaten. I was born in the North of France. My mother, the tree, had lived there for a long time and had lots of children, believe me, I’ve lost count about how many relatives I have. It was always sunny there and my family and I would bathe in the lovely, hot, summer sun. Until one day, a big man, with what humans call mushytash, came and took me away from my mother and put me in a basket with some other apples! I yelped and screamed and did everything I could to escape but I couldn’t get the man’s attention! Even though I was screaming for my mother to come and save me, she just stood there and let the big mushytash man take me away! How dare she do that to me! I thought I was her favourite but no, obviously I’m not perfect enough to stay on one of my mother’s braches. I bet she would fight the man with the mushytash, if he picked Bella of the tree. I knew my silly little sister, Bella, was my mother’s favourite! While I was saying very rude comments about my mother in my head the man poured us into an even bigger basket that moved. Everyone else around me had either fainted, because of the fact that they didn’t know where they were going or what to do or was either jumping for joy, because they liked the excitement. But I just sat there, looking up at the sky, thinking of my family and why the man had taken me away. Then a woman with white hair and lots of wrinkles lifted up the basket and poured us into a box. It was torture! Since I was on the top of the basket that moved, I was now in the bottom on the big wooden box and I was so squashed, I could hardly breathe! I sat there with no choice but to daydream. Thinking off the happy times with my family, when we would laugh and snigger at other apples being attacked by birds. Questions filled my head. Why was I here? Where was I going? Why is the apple next to me snoring? All this thinking gave me a sore head and I eventually fell asleep.

 BANG! I woke up suddenly, wondering what had happen. Then a girl at the top of the box screamed and we were being placed in plastic crates. There were lots of people here and the place smelt funny. There was, what seemed like lots of suns on the roof and it’s was freezing cold. People started picking up apples and putting them into bags! What were they doing! Trying to suffocate us?! I lay there, wondering where I was. Is there a way to escape? I sat up straight and looked around, were I could see other fruits, squirming to get free and getting picked up. Then the girl next to me started screaming. Honestly, will she give us a break… but then I saw why. A large, pink object came and picked me up. A human. She had lovely blue eyes and wavy red hair. “You will be perfect for my lunch tomorrow” said the woman. Lunch! What on earth was lunch! She placed me in a bag and put me into what looked like a green plastic thingy which looked like a box. The woman started to move which gave me a funny feeling in my tummy. She then put the green box down and lifted me out, with a few other fruit, and moved me until I beeped! I didn’t know we could do that! She put me into a clear bag, walked out of the strange smelly place and dropped the bag in a seat next to hers. I couldn’t remember anything after that; the woman must have dropped the bag so hard that I got knocked unconscious.

 SLAM! I jumped up, looking around suspiciously. This time I was in a big room with lots of chairs and tables. The woman was there again, this time sitting down with a few other people, laughing and eating away. Over in another table I see some younger looking people who are also laughing and eating. Next thing I knew, the red object came and picked me up again! When will this ever stop! The woman, who I think is called Mrs Macafadgeen (well that’s what the other people call her) dumped me on a big circle of cardboard and put it down on the table. And this is where I am right now. Sitting on the table, talking to you. This has been interesting talking to you about what has happened to me during these last couple of days. I am sorry, but I am going to leave you. Please take me over the Mrs Macafadgeen, so I can be eaten!

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2 Responses to The Apple Story

  1. Rachael M says:

    Haha! Thanks!!:D

  2. Hayley says:

    I still can’t get over Mrs Macafadgeen! Really funny, I love the idea of the apple telling the story.

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